Private Treaty Sales 

We only have one public sale each year, typically in the spring. We do have bulls and females for private sale several times a year. If you are looking, please let us know what you're looking for. We will be glad to assist you.   

IMG_8463 2.JPG

We currently have about 10 bulls that will be 14 months old and ready for private treaty sale in December. Note: their EPDs will change as they get a bit older.

Maples E766 Z912 Z981 Maples E779 Z951 Z981 Maples E791 Z948 B195 KO Maples E807 B305 Z981

Maples E768 Y886 Z981 Maples E781 A39 Z981 Maples E795 Z989 Z981

Maples E770 Z21 Z981 Maples E788 Z20 Z981 Maples E801 Z979 Z987

**These bulls sold during our Spring 2018 sale.