Our History

Maples Stock Farm is located near I-65 in Elkmont, Alabama. The farm has been in continuous operation by the same family since February 11, 1818. Five generations after the farm began, Mack Maples brought Angus cattle to the farm. Mack noticed black cattle on a farm during a cattle drive. The owner of the farm was a Scotsman and introduced Mack to Angus cattle, a breed native to his original home in Scotland. 

Mack bought four heifers that day for $50 each. The next year he returned for six more heifers. He selected a good, young bull from the Ames Plantation herd, Flying Horse Elmour 13, for his first registered Angus bull. Eleven years later, his son, Billy began laying the foundation for the next generation of the herd. His Angus steer was selected Grand Champion at the Birmingham State Steer Show at the 1948 Alabama State Fair and sold for $4,000. That money was invested in 8 Angus heifers, his foundation herd.

Today, Bill, his son, Tommy, and their family run the day-to-day operation of the farm. 



Our Philosophy

"We work for the Southeastern cattleman, for commercial and seedstock farms."



Our Family